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DynamicGrid  - simple grid for ASP.NET MVC. Based on  jquery and knockout JS.


  • Filter four data types (Boolean?, DateTime?, String, other as Numbers)
  • Order
  • Paging
  • Page size
  • Easy interaction with Data Model  over knockout subscribe, and model properties and methods
  • Multiple grids on the page
  • Ajax
  • CSS theming
  • Inline Create, Edit, Delete items 
  • Multi row selection (checkbox column)
  • IsReadOnly mode (no add, edit, delete buttons)
  • Templates for column cells
  • Master/detail feature with detail row template


  • Filter:  Fill filter inputs, select  filter type and click on Magnifier
  • Order: Click on column Name text

Live example

All operations execute on server side and  client store only data for current page.

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